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We help you be the best you that you can be.


Counseling services for adults, children, adolescents, couples and families who are experiencing distress or crisis.




Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Assessment and diagnosis of mental health disorders, treatment planning, and clinical intervention utilizing individual and family treatment modalities. Frequently treated diagnoses include depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety and adjustment disorders, OCD, PTSD and trauma-related disorders, ADHD, behavioral problems, eating disorders, child abuse/neglect history, grief and loss, and pervasive developmental disorders.   


Pre-Divorce Counseling

Pre-Divorce Counseling provides opportunity for divorcing families to proactively lay foundation for establishing a plan that separates the marital relationship from parenting, guidance on meeting children's needs as they adjust to divorcing parents (including how  and when to tell the children), and lay a foundation to go through divorce process in peace.


Targeted Case Management

Case management services include a comprehensive needs assessment, assistance in identifying and accessing resources, and coordination of wrap-around services.  TCM supports clients in accessing safety, housing, employment, benefits/services, doctors, transportation, or other identified needs of the client/family.  Service available only to persons with Medicaid health coverage.


Substance Abuse Services

Substance abuse assessment and treatment, DUI classes, marijuana expungement services, and drug screens.  Visit our sister site for more information about these services at this link.


Collaborative Divorce Coach

Divorcing couples agree to resolve issues outside of court to decrease adversarial impact of divorce and to maximize input and choice. Three independent disciplines work together as a team to integrate the legal, emotional and financial aspects of separation/divorce. The Coach supports the couple in communicating effectively, identifying and prioritizing needs and concerns, utilizing effective conflict resolution strategies, and laying a foundation for positive  co-parenting.  


Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling services for  couples, a parent/child relationship, or any other relationship in distress.  Relationship counseling helps establish healthy boundaries, effective communication, conflict resolution strategies, and empathic thinking to improve quality of the relationship.  


Batterer Intervention Program

A 32-week education program that makes victim safety its primary priority, holds offenders accountable, and promotes a coordinated community response to domestic violence. Provides offenders who use violence with the opportunity and skills to change the behavior, beliefs, and attitudes that support their use of violence against intimate partners.  Group meets weekly.  Open group can be joined any time.



Custody and child abuse/neglect cases at times may benefit from testimony of a mental health professional. Our clinicians frequently work with attorneys, court systems, and DCBS. Biopsychosocial assessments, diagnosis of any presenting mental health issues and treatment recommendations can be provided as needed.



Mediation is different from other forms of conflict resolution. The mediator helps facilitate settlement negotiations in an impartial and neutral manner. The mediator does not provide therapy or counseling, and does not provide financial, legal, or other professional advice. 


EMDR and Brainspotting

EMDR and Brainspotting are treatment approaches that allows therapists to access emotions on a deeper level and to target the physical effects of trauma that is “stored” in the body and can alter the way the brain works.  Commonly used to treat trauma; also used to treat addiction and other mental health conditions.

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